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Run your school systems more efficiently.

Automate and improve processes with solutions integrated with Skyward Student and Finance Management systems.

An exclusive Skyward partner.

Our solutions integrate with the best provider in the business.

We help every department run more efficiently.


Lessen staff workloads, create custom credentials for students, improve student pick-up processes, and increase data accuracy for attendance and tardies with our products for Skyward Student.

Nutrition Directors

Speed up food service lines with efficient peripheral solutions tested and verified for Skyward Food Service.

Finance Directors

Streamline employee time reporting and payroll calculation, provide custom ID badges, and keep track of your campus visitors and volunteers with our products for Skyward Finance/HR.

Tardy Kiosk helps our secretaries be more efficient. Students get to class quicker and are secretaries do not have to hand enter the tardies. This frees them up to do other tasks.

Jack JohnsonShawnee Mission School District, KS

Our experience with Positive Attendance and the scanners has been very positive and the additional intervention time it's given us has greatly reduced the number of Ds and Fs our students earn compared to previous years.

Brandon JensenHighland School District, WA

School Technology's ID Badging solution pulls live data from Skyward. It’s intuitive enough so secretaries, librarians, staff who rarely use the software, can open it up and figure out how to use it with the less than a one page click sheet.

James MatthewsWylie ISD, TX

School Technology's Time Clocks are convenient for staff. We have time clocks with the proximity reader option by the main entrances where people come and go. It's a routine that the first thing to do when you walk in is swipe your fob and clock in and when you walk out swipe your fob to clock out.

Susan JarvisSalem School District, WI


Automate attendance across your district

Simplify attendance taking with our Positive Attendance devices. Choose the device type that works best for your district that either connects to a teacher’s computer or connects directly to Skyward via the network. Students simply check-in at their classroom or resource period and it is automatically recorded in Skyward, saving school staff time.


We are educators at heart. Join us for virtual information sessions to learn more about the solutions we’re able to offer your district.