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We’re excited to announce that SchoolTRAK for Skyward Qmlativ is now available! SchoolTRAK is the Tardy Kiosk solution for Skyward Qmlativ. It automates tardy and absence tracking with new features and improvements from its Skyward SMS 2.0 counterpart. SchoolTRAK will also have an optional Positive Attendance add-on that is currently in beta. Here are five exciting new features of SchoolTRAK:


With SchoolTRAK there are more ways to customize than ever before. The kiosks can be customized to suit your environment, including various types of hardware and ways a school can capture their student tardy information. For kiosk setups that use slip printers, tardy slip information can be customized, as well as any email messages a school may want to automate sending.

The type of data the kiosks enter into Skyward can also be customized. For schools familiar with the Skyward SMS 2.0 Tardy Kiosk, only one tardy type can be entered on a district wide basis. With SchoolTRAK, the tardy or absence type can be customized down to an individual kiosk.

Automated Period Rules

One of the most exciting features of SchoolTRAK is Period Rules. With Period Rules, schools can set a schedule to enter either a tardy or absence for the student, depending on the time they check-in. For example, 10 minutes into a period can be set to ‘tardy-unexcused’, and any check-ins after 10 minutes can be set to ‘absence-unexcused’. Any kiosk can be set up to follow the Period Rules set by the district, or set to just enter a single tardy or absence type.

Unlimited Kiosks

SchoolTRAK is a web-based software that can run on any device with a web browser (Chrome tested). This gives schools the flexibility to create as many kiosks as they want and scale it based on need. For example, a school has a stationary kiosk in the front office that follows the Period Rules for late students to check-in on as they enter the building. However, if a late bus of students comes in, school staff can easily create a kiosk on a tablet and set it for tardy-excused. This way, all those students are checked in quickly at the door and are marked with the correct tardy type.

Exclusive Skyward Integration

SchoolTRAK has a live and direct connection with Skyward. It actively pulls the school period schedule, as well as each student’s current schedule. Schools can even set up SchoolTRAK to deny a student’s check-in if they are at an incorrect location. SchoolTRAK also enters the primary attendance code into Skyward for a student, during any given period. Any additional kiosk check-ins for a student can be viewed within SchoolTRAK.

Easy-to-Read Data

The Administrator view in SchoolTRAK provides multiple ways to view the data collected. It includes a homepage dashboard with an overview of tardy and absence data for the day, week, and month. There are also list and calendar views of the entries by student, as well as various report types that can be run by districts to quickly see student attendance issues that need to be addressed.



For any questions, a quote, or to schedule a demo, reach out to or call (877) 436-4657.