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With summer break around the corner, now is the time to prepare protocols which will prevent the spread of COVID-19 and increase school safety. As many schools look to use state and federal funds, including ESSER grants, to improve their daily processes and address new protocols, we wanted to share five ways our solutions prevent, prepare for, and respond to COVID-19. These can be used to secure funds for improvements and districts are already in the process of doing so.

1. Contactless and minimal contact methods of identification

All of our products have barcode scanning options which provide students and staff with the ability to use them contactless. We offer a Skyward integrated ID Badging system that allows schools to print custom barcoded credentials for students, staff, and volunteers right on campus. For more information on our ID Badging System and contactless scanning options for Tardy Kiosk, Positive Attendance, and Food Service, check out this article: Contactless Solutions During COVID-19 as Skyward Schools Look to Reopen

2. Combat learning loss by increasing class instructional time

With Tardy Kiosk, late students get to class faster and Positive Attendance can eliminate the teacher’s need to roll call for attendance. Automating these processes saves staff time, so they can focus on other important daily tasks. Teachers using a Positive Attendance device have noticed the ease and speed students check themselves in as ‘present’ upon entering the classroom. Teachers are frequently able to start their class even before the bell rings. Cutting out the two to four minutes that typical attendance takes, adds back six to 12 hours of instructional time per class, per year! Read more about Nicolet High School’s experience in our article: Positive Attendance and Nicolet High School

3. Improve data accuracy and efficiency for more informed decision-making 

With the automation of data entries into Skyward, schools see a clear picture of who is on campus, when they were on campus, and where they were on campus. Positive Attendance devices are tied to specific room codes, so each time a student checks-in to a device, the time stamp, room code, and present attendance code are automatically entered into Skyward. Schools can clearly see who was within a room during a specific time of day, as well as easily locate a student with the Student Locator in Skyward. If a student’s scheduled class is held in a different location, such as the library, the student’s check-in from the device will show they are in the library, providing more accurate data. Read more about how Sheboygan South High School has been using Positive Attendance in our article: Supporting a Flexible Learning Environment at Sheboygan South High School

4. Strengthen security to equip schools with clear processes and data

With our ID Badging system, create custom credentials with pictures to verify each person on your campus belongs on your campus. Positive Attendance, in addition to providing more accurate attendance data, shows a time-stamp and location for each student check-in. This lets schools see not just that the student was present, but also where and when they were present in the building for potential contact tracing. We also offer a Visitor Management system that runs a National Sex Offender Registry, a custom building exclusion list check on every visitor, and stores a digital visitor log. You can manage visitor background checks before they even arrive on the premise with a streamlined pre-approval process. Our time clock solution for employees provides a central location for employees to clock in on campus. With these solutions, schools can have a clear picture of who has been physically on the premise throughout the day. For more information on how our solutions can strengthen security on your campus, check out our article: Steps to Safer Schools

5. Provide value for many standard and COVID related day-to-day operations

While our solutions help with COVID protocols, they have been designed by Skyward users like you to streamline standard day-to-day processes and lighten the workload of school staff. These products are primarily a one-time hardware and setup cost that are not just valuable in the near term, but solutions that benefit school operations in the long term. Our products are scalable and versatile, making them customizable to work for your school’s unique situation. As Skyward’s exclusive partner of more than 25 years, our products are tested and we’ll work with you to come up with solutions that fit your needs. To see another example of how a school is using our solutions, check out: Knowing Who is on Campus at Mifflin County High School.


For more information and to discuss your school’s unique situation, reach out to a representative at