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School Technology Associates, Inc. was selling OMR scanners, checks, and forms when the partnership with Skyward began back in 1992. Already having nationwide experience with many K-12 schools, School Technology identified a need for hardware equipment to supplement Skyward’s Food Service POS software. This led to more creative ideas of how hardware solutions could further assist Skyward users with other aspects of their day-to-day tasks. 

Since then, School Technology has attended just about every Skyward User Group Conference. There are now 14 conferences held annually, each with an opportunity to hear what users want and to help schools automate their day-to-day processes.  The first Skyward specific integrated solution was Time Clocks for use with Skyward’s TrueTime. School Technology continues to listen and work with customers, creating solutions and assisting with the unique needs of K-12 schools. With an ever-changing environment in education, this year more than ever, they are working to support and assist schools to adapt to their new needs.

Dan Hoerl, President of School Technology at Skyward’s National Conference, iCon

Striving for a touch-free environment, School Technology offers a Skyward integrated ID Badging system, allowing for Skyward data to be used to create custom barcoded credentials. These credentials not only identify who belongs on campus for security reasons, but also allows for contactless check-ins via scanners. They offer contactless identification options for Food Service, Time Clocks, Positive Attendance, Tardy Kiosk, and Visitor Management.

During the COVID-19 crisis, many districts have adopted on-site and off-site instructions or a hybrid/blended schedule. The need for accurate attendance data is greater than ever. Time Clocks, Positive Attendance, and Tardy Kiosk solutions each improve the data accuracy of staff and students who are physically present on campus. These products also streamline and speed up the attendance and time tracking processes; lessening work loads so the focus can stay on teaching and individual learning opportunities.

Looking towards the future with Skyward Qmlativ and as more districts look to migrate, any School Technology products currently in use will be available for conversion. Improving the capabilities of Tardy Kiosk and Positive Attendance, School Technology Associates has developed the web application SchoolTRAK™ for Skyward Qmlativ. With SchoolTRAK™ , schools can customize and automate their attendance processes even further.

While there are no in-person conferences this year, School Technology Associates continues to connect and listen to customers, including through virtual conferences and regular webinar offerings. The door is always open to collaborate with schools to find new and innovative solutions. Feel free to call (877) 436-4657 or email to discuss your district’s specific situation.