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Biometric finger reader that can be used as an accessory to any Windows based product that prompts for ID numbers or names.

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BIO Reader

  • Windows compatible
  • USB connection
  • Skyward module
  • Eliminates need for ID cards or PIN numbers
  • Accurate and secure
  • 1 year depot keypad warranty

Feedback Light (Optional)

  • USB connection
  • Self-powered
  • Quick recognition in high-noise areas
  • Visual recognition for hearing impaired
  • Excellent on/off contrast
  • 2 meter cable

Product Information


  • Students can be identified in as little as 2 seconds.
  • Fingerprints are NOT stored and are unable to be recreated. The system only retains a piece of the measurements taken and cannot be decoded. It can only connect the number with the ID while the finger is placed on the reader.
  • Stores up to 10 fingers for one individual per ID.

Cleaning Recommendations

With a soft cloth use one of the following solvents to dampen the cloth to wipe the sensor clean:

  • 1:1 mixture of Isopropanol and distilled water
  • Industrial Cleaner Sabesto
  • Sidolin proNature
  • Top Glasschaum
  • Isopropanol
  • 1:1 misture of Sidolin and Isopropanol
  • 3M Cleaner

Make sure the cloth is not wet, if the sensor becomes saturated it will get damaged. It is important to use a soft cloth as well to ensure the sensor is not scratched. Biometric readers only require the finger to touch one small area that is easily wiped down. To ensure it stays clean wipe it down frequently and have hand sanitizer available next to the device.

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Webinar: Improve Food Service Lines

1:30 pm - 2:00 pm

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Webinar: Improve Food Service Lines

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What People Are Saying

“BioConnect makes our food service lines run quicker, kids can't lose their ID cards or forget their numbers, and it's much more efficient accounting wise because it always pulls up the correct account.”

Deborah CarricoGreencastle Community School Corp, IN

“We had issues with kids buddy punching or entering the wrong account pin. Elementary students had a hard time remembering their pin number so we had a binder of barcodes that took time for the attendant to find the correct student to scan. BioConnect resolved these issues and made our food service lines more efficient. We have even expanded our use of the BioConnect devices to our libraries, Tardy Kiosk, and Positive Attendance.”

Mary ColeFairmont Area Schools, MN