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In the ever-evolving landscape of education technology, collaborations play a pivotal role in driving innovation and expanding the reach of impactful solutions. We want to highlight some of our partnerships and corporate sponsorships that benefit our community.

Skyward Inc.

First and foremost is Skyward. We have been an exclusive partner of Skyward since 1992. Skyward has been providing schools with robust SIS and ERP software solutions for 40 years. Since the beginning of our partnership, we have been developing integrated solutions that complement Skyward to automate and speed up manual data collection processes. Working exclusively with Skyward, all of our solutions started as ideas from Skyward users and are tailored to their unique needs, tested and guaranteed to work with Skyward.


Since WSIPC partnered with Skyward in 2001, School Technology Associates has been servicing WSIPC customers to provide solutions unique to the needs of Washington. WSIPC provides a centrally deployed hosting solution with full backup capabilities and third-party integration. Currently, School Technology Associates has three awarded RFPs with WSIPC. WSIPC Purchasing Program RFPs are awarded in compliance with Washington State procurement RCWs, ensuring that solutions address the software and technology service needs of K-12 education and provide the best technology at the lowest cost. The WSIPC RFP language states, “eligible entities may be added to this definition with the mutual consent of WSIPC and seller;” so educational entities and public agencies outside of WSIPC and the state of Washington, with an active Interlocal Agreement with WSIPC, can benefit from the WSIPC RFPs as well. School Technology Associate’s awarded WSIPC RFPs are 17-06 School Management Peripherals, 17-08 Identity Access and Management Solutions, and 22-05 Managed Security and Physical Security Solutions.


ISCorp is a global provider of custom design, managed secure private cloud services. We partnered with ISCorp in 2022 to host our latest web app software solution, SchoolTRAK. ISCorp has over 35 years experience hosting software organizations with the most stringent security and compliance requirements. We have jointly built the SchoolTRAK custom managed cloud with those same security principals and foundations, so we have total confidence that our web app is reliable and customer’s data is secure. ISCorp is also the preferred cloud provider to Skyward, providing a benefit with the extra knowledge for supporting our customers.

Attendance Works

School Technology became a proud corporate sponsor of the Attendance Awareness Campaign in 2022 to support the mission to reduce chronic absenteeism. Led by the nonprofit Attendance Works and 8 national partners, the yearly Attendance Awareness Campaign urges schools, localities, and states to promote the value of regular school attendance and to take concrete steps toward improving student engagement and reducing chronic absenteeism. The campaign includes four quarterly webinars that highlight efforts to implement evidence-based strategies for resolving this issue. Recordings of past Attendance Awareness campaigns can be viewed here. For over 15 years Attendance Works has focused on its mission to encourage policy and practice to improve school attendance. As a national organization, it collaborates with schools, districts, states and communities to accurately track attendance data and put together key strategies to reduce chronic absenteeism. All of their resources for developing plans and strategies, including toolkits, handouts and posters are available for free on their website.