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During these unprecedented times, Skyward and School Technology Associates can help schools record who was on campus, when they are on campus and where they were on campus. This can be done based on their student schedule or actual class period attendance taken before each school day begins or every period of every day. Our solutions limit cross contamination, while lessening staff workloads and improving data accuracy.

Example Student ID with Barcode

To utilize our contactless products we offer an ID Badging solution that integrates with Skyward, allowing you to create custom badges using your Skyward data. A Skyward ID barcode can be printed on each badge for both students and staff. Our ID Badging system also assists with security. If a mask covers part of the face, having an ID Badge on hand or around the neck on a lanyard, will help verify that the individual belongs on the campus.

Barcode Scanner on Stand set to Auto-Scan

With barcode credentials, students can then check-in to confirm their presence at school for Food Service, Tardy Kiosk, or Positive Attendance using a barcode scanner with no contact. With the scanners set to auto-scan, an ID badge is held under the scanner, the scanner reads the barcode, and pulls up the student information in Skyward. With the student only ever holding their own ID, this limits potential cross-contamination. Our scanners can also read barcodes directly from cell phone screens. For students who may forget their IDs, we have a combo keypad/scanner device with a smooth keypad that easily wipes clean to disinfect. For any kiosk set up with an attendant (office, food service line, nurses offices), we offer POS Shields that are a clear plexiglass barrier between the attendant and student for further protection.

POS Shield

As schools look at reopening and limiting room capacities or alternating student schedules, Tardy Kiosk and Positive Attendance can help to quickly scan and keep students moving through daily processes. For students who arrive late during the day, a Tardy Kiosk located in the front office or near the front door will automatically enter tardies into Skyward with a time-stamp. A tardy slip is printed to admit them to class, saving front office staff time.

Student Checking-in at Tardy Kiosk

Now more than ever, accurate attendance for all students in the school building is needed. Positive Attendance scanners can be set up anywhere attendance needs to be taken. When a student checks in using a Positive Attendance device, the student is entered as present in that room with a time-stamp into Skyward. These devices take the responsibility off the teachers and staff to decide who is present, tardy, or absent; instead, places the responsibility on the student to say when and where they are throughout the school day, with teachers and staff just monitoring for accuracy.

Student Checking-in on Positive Attendance Device

Positive Attendance can be used for more than classroom attendance, it’s a way to create Skyward records of who was physically present in a building or room, with a time-stamp. Mifflin County (PA) has Positive Attendance devices set up in the front entry of the school building, where students check in upon arriving before the first class bell rings. This way, within their Skyward software, the school knows who is present in the building before school starts. Many schools also set up the devices in resource rooms, common areas, media centers, nurse and guidance counselor offices to have a Skyward time-stamped log of who has visited throughout the day. Authorized staff can use the student locator to find a specific student at any moment in time, seeing not just where the student is scheduled to be, but where they actually are located.

As schools navigate and plan for the reopening of buildings, School Technology Associates is here to assist you in finding ways which our products and services can help you manage your new daily processes. To discuss how our solutions can help your district with new school reopening procedures, contact us at or call (877) 436-4657.

Watch our Keypad/Scanner devices in action at Sheboygan South High School in Wisconsin: