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As districts look to improve their schools using awarded ESSER funding, we want to share a few ways Skyward users have successfully qualified School Technology solutions for funds. The key areas where School Technology’s solutions can help our customers are combating both Chronic Absenteeism and Learning Loss.

Combating Chronic Absenteeism

Keep reliable data

To implement the best strategy for combating chronic absenteeism in school, reliable data is key. With Tardy Kiosk and Positive Attendance for Skyward SMS 2.0 and SchoolTRAK® for Skyward Qmlativ, users create a uniform routine and policy for attendance and tardy tracking. Having a consistent and automated way to enter the data makes it more accurate, resulting in better reporting which clearly shows where problem areas may be.
Read more about improving attendance processes here: How to Simplify Your Daily Attendance Routine

Automate discipline letters

Once tardy and attendance tracking are automated, make sure to complete the automation using Skyward’s automated attendance letters! This way, administrators can save time communicating discipline to students that have fewer absences and use that additional time to focus more on the serious cases.
See how to create automated discipline letters in Skyward here: Skyward Attendance Letters

Combating Learning Loss

Automate tasks so teachers focus on instruction

Automating attendance taking with Positive Attendance or SchoolTRAK saves teachers time and work. Time that was previously taken for roll call can now be used for instruction. After Nicolet High School in Wisconsin implemented Positive Attendance, they had a 65% decrease in tardies to class and found that most classes were able to start instruction before the bell rings, adding even more instructional time to the day for students. Read more about Nicolet’s experience in these articles:
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Simplify attendance taking for substitutes

Another benefit to using Tardy Kiosk and Positive Attendance or SchoolTRAK is that following a routine process makes it easier to know the system. If a substitute or staff member is unfamiliar with the class and needs to step in, they have a clear and easy guide to follow.

Manage flexible scheduling

With all the changes the pandemic has brought to daily school life, flexible scheduling is needed to add learning time and scheduling options for students. Tardy Kiosk and Positive Attendance or SchoolTRAK can play a key role in successfully managing any customized flexible or hybrid schedule a school implements.
Read Sheboygan South High School’s experience using Positive Attendance for their flexible scheduling here: Supporting a Flexible Learning Environment at Sheboygan South High School


For more information on how School Technology can help your school district, reach out to us at or 877-436-4657.