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The KP-AQ (5952) keypads have been pre-programmed for SINGLE serving line set-ups out of the box. Should you wish to set up the KP-AQ (5952) keypads in DUAL keypad mode the set-up directions below.

  1. Download the MacroMaster .zip file, extract the files and run the setup.exe as admin: KP-AQ MacroMasterCPSxx
  2. On the back of the 5952 keypad, change the USB Mode Select switch from “Keyboard” to the “FLASH” mode, the LED will turn RED to indicate “Serial CDC” Mode.USB Keyboard Mode (BLUE LED)                     USB CDC Serial Mode (RED LED)
  3. Windows should automatically install the correct drivers for your device.
  4. The new COM port installed can be viewed in Windows Device Manager.
  5. Run the Skyward software and refer to the Skyward SkySerial documentation for activating DUAL keypad mode and selecting COM ports: SkySerial Skydoc

If you continue to have trouble downloading the drivers, please reach out to us at
If you have trouble setting up the keypads with your Skyward software, please contact Skyward’s hardware department at 800.236.0001