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We are excited to announce our new Time Clocks, the TT10 Touch Clock and TT7 Touch Clock, are now available for all customers!

Previously, the TT7 Touch Clock was available for Skyward Qmlativ users only, but is now available for SMS 2.0 users as well. The main difference with our new clock offerings is that they run a Linux operating system instead of Windows. Here are some exciting benefits of the new Linux clocks:

More secure as concern for cyber security increases

While no operating system is fool-proof, as cyber security threats continue to rise, Linux has many advantages when compared to other operating systems. Being open-source and having a more distributed environment are a few features that make it a more secure choice. In turn, it simplifies operating system and software updates and upgrades for our users.

Best value for an all-in-one clock

We strive to provide the best value on our products for our customers. Our time clocks are built-to-order in-house to insure quality and provide reader customization so districts can choose the best combination to fit their needs. With the new time clocks running a Linux operating system, we are able to make them more cost effective than our previous models.

New and improved interface more user friendly than ever

With feedback collected from Skyward Windows time clock interface users, we built a new and improved software interface for our Linux time clocks. The new interface is simplified and more user friendly than ever before. It has all the same core functionality as the Windows interface with new features in development that will be added in future software updates.


Currently have Windows clocks? The new Linux clocks will work alongside your existing time clocks with no issues. However, for any districts unable to move to a Linux option, Windows time clocks are still available upon request.

For more information or a quote on our time clocks, reach out to