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At School Technology Associates, we are always working to improve our products, helping schools automate and simplify their day-to-day processes. We understand a majority of Skyward schools are still using SMS 2.0, but will look to converting to Qmlativ in the future. We want to let you know that, in addition to our products for SMS 2.0, we are preparing exciting new integrations to automate your daily tasks with Skyward Qmlativ.

Automate and Track Student Tardies and Attendance with Qmlativ

We are excited to announce SchoolTRAK™, our new web app, available fall 2019! With SchoolTRAK™, schools can use the same Tardy Kiosk Hardware as our SMS 2.0 version, but also be able to set your own thresholds for tardies and absences and utilize kiosks for check in and out. All of the information is recorded in SchoolTRAK™ and tardy and attendance types are synced back into Skyward; allowing for more customized reporting that can be exported directly from SchoolTRAK™. We also have new hardware options for mobile kiosks and the option to run the kiosk on a tablet.

Positive Attendance with SchoolTRAK™ for tracking student attendance is in the works and is slated to be available Spring 2020.

Employee Time Tracking with Qmlativ

Keep track of employee time reporting with our new Time Clock interface that directly integrates with Skyward Qmlativ Finance! The clock features are the same as SMS 2.0, allowing customization of your clocks. You can choose up to two employee input methods to be built into the time clock: biometric, proximity, or barcode.

Creating Custom ID Badges with Qmlativ

Our ID Badging software for Qmlativ offers the same functionality as our SMS 2.0 version, allowing custom ID badges to be easily created for students, staff, and volunteers with your Skyward data.

Speed up your Food Service Lines with Qmlativ

Streamline your cafeteria with All-in-One Point of Sale Systems, Touch Screens, Biometric Finger Readers, Keypads, Scanners, and cash drawers. Most of the same products offered for SMS 2.0 but with some variations in functionality.

With these exciting announcements for new products for Qmlativ, we will also continue to carry, support, and improve our products for SMS 2.0. If you would like additional information on what products work with your Skyward version contact us at or call (877) 436-4657.