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Cloud-hosted web app software integrated with Skyward Qmlativ for managing attendance, tardies, and absences.

Available for Skyward Qmlativ users only.

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Still on Skyward SMS 2.0?


Create a Kiosk Anywhere

Convert any device running Google Chrome into a check-in kiosk with our provided software. A virtual kiosk is available for taking remote attendance as well.


Set Period Rules

With SchoolTRAK, set automated period rules for the kiosks to follow. For example, any check-ins after the start of the period are entered as a tardy and any check-ins after 10 minutes into the period are entered as an absence. 


Customized Tardy & Absence Slips

Our software seamlessly includes different data points within a generated tardy or absence slip.


Calendar Grid View

View student absence (purple) and tardy (blue) data in an easy-to-read color coded calendar format.


Easy-to-read Data

SchoolTRAK allows you to view all student’s absence and tardy entries with time-stamps and locations in a clean list format.


Admin Home Screen

Stay up-to-date and see trends quickly with our user-friendly home screen created for administrators.

Positive Attendance Add-on

Positive Attendance Feature [BETA]

Additional 'Present' Period Rule

With the Positive Attendance add-on, keep track of attendance with the additional ‘Present’ code. Set your kiosk to follow the period rules, tracking attendance all day. Example: any check-ins during the passing period are entered as present, any check-ins after the period starts are entered as tardy, and any check-ins after 15 minutes into the period are entered as absences.

Positive Attendance Feature [BETA]

Kiosk Entry List View

In the student detail list view, view all kiosk check-ins with time stamps, location, and assigned attendance codes (present, tardy excused, tardy unexcused, absent excused, absent unexcused, out).

Positive Attendance Feature [BETA]

Calendar Grid View

Easily view attendance with color coded calendar format. Green for present in class, blue for tardy, and purple for absent.

Product Information


  • A consistent policy and enforcement of consequences.
  • Time-Based Period Rules allow students to check-in at a kiosk and have Present, Tardy, or Absence automatically computed.
  • Gets students to class faster by processing them in seconds.
  • Tardy and Absent code sync with Skyward Qmlativ.
  • Kiosks run on any device that can run a web browser (Chrome tested).
  • Virtual kiosk available for remote attendance.
  • Printed Tardy and Absent slips are fully customizable by Entity and can show where a student checked in as well as where they need to be.
  • Create reports of student attendance data.

Download Brochure

Download Brochure



Customize Your Kiosk

Tailor your check-in kiosk to your needs by using hardware add-ons.

Kiosk Examples


Self-service kiosk using a tablet. *printers not currently supported with tablets


Resource officer or attendant in hallway using bluetooth printer and scanner connected to nearby computer running SchoolTRAK™.


Hardware plugged into attendant's computer running SchoolTRAK™.


Self-service keypad/scanner directly connected to the network. *printer not supported with this setup


Mobile hardware plugged into attendant's computer running SchoolTRAK™ can be used on a mobile cart.


Still Using Skyward SMS 2.0?

Here are the comparable products to use with your current Skyward software. All hardware purchased for Skyward SMS 2.0 can be used with SchoolTRAK if your school migrates in the future.

Tardy Kiosk

Positive Attendance

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