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UG Session: How Safe are Your Students? Who’s on Campus Right Now?

Presenters: Dan Hoerl & Sarah Wheeler of School Technology Associates

This session will cover various areas in Skyward’s Student and Finance Management Suites that can be utilized by school personnel to help ensure the safety of their student body. The goal of this presentation is to demonstrate ways that districts are using features you have in Skyward such as alerts, Tardy Kiosk, Positive Attendance, and Visitor/Volunteer Management. These tools help to safeguard students, staff, and all types of visitors. All attendees, regardless of their area of focus, will walk away from this session with at least one new safety idea to take back to their own district!


Apr 02 2019


ID Badging,
Positive Attendance,
Tardy Kiosk,
Visitor Management


Room: Osage
Kansas Skyward User Group