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Skyward’s recent post on Amping Up Your School Security asked some very important questions that many of our solutions can provide answers for.

The first question is, ‘Who’s on campus right now?

Our Visitor Management solution has a visitor check in by scanning their ID and instantly entering their information and timestamp in the visitor log. As a web based system the information is updated everywhere automatically, so everyone with access knows exactly who is on any part of the campus at any time.


The second question is, ‘Should they be there?’

Every time a visitor arrives on campus their Driver’s License is scanned and they are ran against the National Sex Offender Registry (NSOR) and against the school’s personal exclusions list. Our Visitor Management solution also allows you to set up and have someone apply for approval before arriving on campus. That way their reason for being there and where they should be going on the campus is verified.


The third question is, ‘Where is each student?’

Positive Attendance is a keypad/scanner that can directly connect to skyward allowing students to check themselves into each classroom. This gives a clear snapshot within Skyward of where the student is at all times of the day.

With the Tardy Kiosk schools can track tardies and automatically print hall passes for the students as well. With these two solutions there is a clear snapshot of where students are and when, which is especially crucial if an emergency were to arise. It also helps with seeing which students are habitually tardy or absent in an automated way, providing staff more free time to focus on the students in need of further attention.


The last question is, ‘Does everyone have an ID?’

Provide not just all students and staff with ID card’s with our ID Badging solution, but also parents. Some schools have started to offer ID cards to parents to help streamline event check ins. For temporary visitors and volunteers, our Visitor Management prints a badge label with their photo that is taken at check in. We even have self-expiring badge options that after 6 hours a stop sign image starts to bleed through signaling staff when a visitor may be outstaying their welcome on campus.


Interested in strengthening your school’s security? Contact for more information and custom quotes for your school.