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Tardy Kiosk

Automate your tardy tracking process with our keypad scanner and thermal receipt printer that directly integrates with a computer running Skyward. Students just scan or enter their ID and the Tardy Kiosk prints out a time-stamped receipt in less than 6 seconds.

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Tardy Kiosk

SMS 2.0
  • Optional scan and go technology
  • Two line display
  • Easy to clean
  • Prints multiple copies
  • No ribbons to replace
  • Eco-friendly auto-cutter
  • 1 year depot keypad warranty, 4 year depot printer warranty
  • Optional keypad service agreement

Product Information


  • Saves office staff time.
  • Has a consistent policy and enforcement of consequences.
  • Gets students to class faster.

Instructions for Cleaning

With a soft cloth or paper towel use 70% Isopropyl rubbing alcohol to wipe your device clean. Do not spray device directly, dampen cloth and proceed to wipe down device. Lysol or Clorox disinfectant wipes can be used as well.

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Migrating Tardy Kiosk Devices from Skyward SMS 2.0 to Qmlativ

For any Tardy Kiosks on Skyward SMS 2.0 to be automated with Qmlativ, SchoolTRAK will need to be purchased and implemented.

There is also a Tardy Kiosk function in Skyward Qmlativ, however the Tardy Kiosk cannot automate the entries. To use the hardware with Qmlativ without SchoolTRAK an attendant has to click through the prompts manually.

For more information and to receive a quote for SchoolTRAK, please contact

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Webinar: Migrating from Skyward SMS 2.0 to Qmlativ

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What People Are Saying

“It gives me time to answer phones and take messages… this is the best option on Skyward yet!”

Cari SinkeLakeland High School, MI

“I love our Tardy Kiosk. It is making checking in students so much easier and I love how it records the time they arrived.”

Pam BowenWenatchee Public Schools, WA

“The Tardy Kiosk saves our secretaries a ton of time each morning by automating the morning tardy passes. Students quickly learned the new routine!”

Alex JohnsonRantoul Township High School, IL